If you share our passion for clean, compassionate and sustainable living, then you, like us, want to convince others that this is the way of the future.
We started Farmacy Vegan Kitchen and Bakery not just to indulge our passion for creating delicious plant-based food, but also to become a resource to help convert more people to a clean and green lifestyle.

This is why, for us, our vegan catering service is not merely another part of our business, it’s an opportunity to reach out to new people and prove that vegan cuisine is as delicious and enticing as anything a traditional meat-based menu has to offer.

We provide a tantalizing gourmet vegan menu for any sized

  • Event
  • Party
  • Wedding
  • Corporate event

No event is too big or too small, and we even provide a special

cake order service

for your special event.

If you’re planning an event, contact us for delicious, cruelty-free catering that will both satisfy the demands of your vegan friends, coworkers, relatives or clients, and bring the non-vegan ones a step closer to our shared vision of sustainable, conscientious living.

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